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How the scams work

Companies send out invoices to renew or register business names or domain names.

The invoice amounts are highly inflated, but the invoices themselves look legitimate. That's because they are.

It's easy to simply pay them and even pay upwards of 200-300% over what you should..... If you do, you only have yourself to blame.

Here's what to look out for and what you should be paying

Business name renewals

When a business name comes up for renewal you will likely get several letters in the mail from different companies.

Make sure that you pay for your renewals directly through ASIC to avoid being ripped off

The cost to renew through ASIC is $39/1 year or $92/3 years
Price correct August 2022

What to expect? You'll get offers to renew at prices around $99/1 year or $199/3 years

Domain name registration

If you own a .com.au domain name, you have likely received offers to register the .com version of your domain.

A letter usually accompanies an invoice implying you need to purchase this domain name urgently.
E.g. You need it, you're in danger of losing it, it will effect your business not having it etc.

You only need a .com domain if you trade internationally or intend to in the future.

The actual cost to register a .com domain name is around $20 per year
This is what we charge, including GST

You will receive offers much higher than this. $199 per year was common, but can be $50 - $60 now.
Most likely you don't even need a .com domain!